Transformation In Action – Five Structures in 2022

The Five Structures is a profiling system I learned in November 2021. The most interesting thing for me is that the five structures annual chart shows how my personal development will be like in the year.

The year of 2021 is almost ending. When I look back my personal development and skills upgrading with the five structures trend, I have to say it’s quite matching. It’s a year full of challenges for me in many perspectives. I call it a REFLECTION year – I do underground work or prepare for the coming years. In this year I stretched myself quite a lot in certain areas, like companion – connecting new people and seeking my tribes.

I have achieved two things in this structure. First, I have connected some important people for my future, which laid a solid foundation for my transformation in the coming years. Second, a plan for expanding my social connection is in place for 2022 (I will put some effort to execute).

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I had quite some struggle in wealth, due to some factors partly influenced by the pandemic (I couldn’t easily travel back China to solve it). Luckily I got support from my family in China. It helped me to carry on my project initiated one year ago. Till today I have found the clarity of my path.

I appreciate that 2021 allowed me to meet important people, to learn from great mentors and peers and to reflect my values and life path.

I look forward to the year of 2022 because it looks prosperous and hopeful from my five structures trend. The chart on the top shows that the trend of 2022 switches the direction and the potentials of my upgrading.

In the coming year I have the potential to influence others and my field very well if I follow my path. I will have fulfilment by serving others as a supporter. I am able to bridge more people and business between the east and the west by providing resources and contacts. It sounds great, right?

Last, I would say 2022 will be transformation in action.



If you want to learn about your five structures in 2022, please send me a message by the contact form.

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