Chinese Market Assessment

  • Quickly and easily determine if expansion into Chinese markets will yield a favorable ROI
  • Analyse data from multiple sources including focus groups, active buyers and top distributors

Determining whether or not the costs and barriers to entry into Chinese markets are worth the potential benefits is a difficult decision for any business owner to make.

Using the 3C Model of Customers – Competition – Cost of Expansion, our data-driven approach combines market research along with extensive experience to deliver the best possible analysis to our clients.

Business Establishment & Development

  • Intention-managed assistance in locating, developing, outlining, negotiating, and closing business relationships across China
  • Complete export supply chain support on a short-term or long-term depending on your needs
  • Bring ideas to the market in months rather than years by leveraging our unique network of contacts and resources

Chinese Business Culture 

  • Overview of China and Chinese philosophy
  • Insight of Chinese culture and inspiration
  • Western and Eastern cultural difference and diversity
  • Effective communication to Win-Win
  • Business trips to China and preparation
  • Chinese business principles & etiquette

Sustainable Growth Solutions

  • Evaluate current business situation, with a focus on identifying barriers preventing further growth
  • Reinvigorate businesses or campaigns by recommending and implementing customised strategies
  • Cut costs and improve internal efficiencies through product supply and distribution chain analysis

We can help provide your organization with sustainable growth solutions, focused on removing many of the day-to-day hassles and headaches which negatively impact your business and prevent you from enjoying long-term growth.

We will review your business or on-going projects, and fully analyze your product proposition and marketing, helping to identify any potential barriers to your growth, apply the agile method in marketing and development, and help you craft a specific plan to progress.