Bring More “Yin” Energy in Business


The Tao teaches us the art of living and doing business. Yin and yang are symbols of the Tao. They are the dynamic force of the Tao, constantly interacting with one another. The yin represents the feminine energy, soft, sensibility, dark, receptive, and the moon. While the yang represents the masculine energy, hard, rationality, light, active, and the sun.

When the yin and yang energies are balanced, we experience harmony, beauty and peace. But when they are out of balance, the opposite occurs.

In today’s business world, there is an abundance of yang energy, which can mean forward driving, fast growing and super productive without regard for the damage done to others and the environment. The yin energy in business we don’t pay enough attention to, such as compassion, collaboration, nourishment, kindness and receptiveness.

Here is a good sample of bringing more yin energy in business. There is a company C negotiated with one big client about cooperation. C had made a big concession but the opposite still didn’t agree. The negotiations had reached an impasse. Knowing any negligence and indiscretion in such situation may result in a big order missing, all of experienced negotiation represents of C daren’t go further and their boss had no idea either.

Then one manager A from C smiled towards the opposite represents and said politely, “Our company is very sincere to make a long-term happy cooperation with your company. And we believe your company has the same goal. Otherwise, we wouldn’t negotiate for so long time. Although there are some discrepancies in certain things, we have the same goal of making a long-term cooperation, which is one thing we all know. Each company proposes different solutions, and the pricing is certainly different. Probably it has more advantages in the short term if the pricing is lower, but you get what you pay for. In the long term, you may find internal friction, low efficiency, slow development and so forth.”

“The solution provided by our company is fit for your current situation. We believe it will bring many economic benefits, also we believe that you recognize the strength of our company. We do hope to have a long-term cooperation with you.  About the cooperation details, we may discuss further. Of course, we have our bottom line and we will keep it.”

“I think the relationship between two companies is like the marriage. Now it’s the loving stage, also mutual adjustment and adaptation period, but we are looking forward to the happy marriage. Then we could create one healthy baby and lead a happy life together!”

The result is, the yin energy brought by A eased the tension of the negotiation, especially the last sentence made the people laugh. Finally it brought harmony to the business and both sides agreed the cooperation.

3 Easy Ways to gain Chinese Likability


Dutch friend Joost visited China first time in February 2016. We stayed in my hometown for 2 weeks to celebrate the Chinese new year. My hometown is nearby Chinawood – Hengdian World Studios. Joost doesn’t speak Chinese, but he easily gained Chinese likability. So how he made it?

1. Smile When Greeting and Leaving

Enter and Leave with a smile. Joost said “Ni Hao!” with a smile to everybody, he was immediately welcoming the other into engaging with him. For Chinese, it’s very friendly when you speak “Ni Hao!” first, because Chinese living in a small town are not used to seeing foreigners. They would quickly like you when you greet in Chinese.

2. Remember Chinese Family Name or Title

To remember Chinese name is difficult for foreigners. Joost tried to remember Chinese family name, “Li” “Zhang” “Chen” “Guo” or their titles, like “ShuShu” “AYi ”, “GeGe” “MeiMei”, “XianSheng”. If you could say “Xiao Wang”, “Lao Li”, “Wang Zong” then double gain good impression.

3. Use Chopsticks for Lunch & Dinner

Chinese food is delicious. Mostly you will have lunch & dinner with a group of people. Using chopsticks is an easy way to impress Chinese as a foreigner. You would be easily accepted by Chinese through one meal. Once they see you could use chopsticks freely, they automatically think you are part of them. It’s natural for Joost to eat Chinese food with chopsticks since he started using chopsticks from his childhood. It takes time to practise chopsticks but definitely it is worthy.

These 3 easy ways seem simple, but when done right and with a kind heart, people you meet in China will be impressed. You will become more likeable because you’re kind, genuine, and a good friend.

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