Accelerate Your Dreams

Before the summer vacation in the Alps, I spent some time to review my dreams in the past and the journeys I took to realise them.

The biggest dream so far I manifested is the cross-border dream. I have studied, worked and lived in the Netherlands for 11 years since I came out of China in 2010 September. I started my dream in 2002 with two best friends’ influence, and followed my heart, pushed through all the obstacles, failures and reached the destination. 8 years later, my dream came true. 

Till last year I found that the cross-border dream was not for myself alone, which is one part of my life purpose. I made other crossing over things during these years.

I studied computer science and technology then worked on IT for one decade in China; studied business administration in the Netherlands and work on Business-IT field. As I was first spiritually awakened in 2009, a new world was opened for me which is mystic and beyond my mind. The awakening experience transformed me to be a spiritual seeker living in a reality-spiritual world.

My life in the Netherlands spins fast, up down up down all the way. It took me 10 years to be 80% grounded in this low land. Through these years, I feel grateful for this life starting in China. Without the nourishment of deeply rooted Chinese culture, I wouldn’t realise my strengths of learning, adapting and empowering. My spirit that transcends time, space and national boundaries showed me a bird’s eye view that I came to the world for being the bridge between different worlds. 

In December 2020 all my dots were connected together after 11 years. Finally all the pieces of my life experience came to together and showed me the blueprint. With a calling a new dream is created. During this special time on our planet, I hope new dreams to manifest in a much faster speed. I believe self-realization is human high-level need and sacred life goal.

To all those who are struggling to chase their dreams, I would say “Never Give Up! Focus! Your dreams can come true.”

To all those who realised their dreams, be the light and spread the light for others who are on their journeys towards their dreams!

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