On August 7, 2022, the annual “New Species Explosion – Wu Sheng Business Methodology Release 2022” kicked off. Wu Sheng, the proposer of Scene Methodology and founder of Scene Lab, released 8 methods and 5 forecasts of Scene Branding (SB) , systematically telling a “highly deterministic era of branding”.

The 6th New Species Explosion summarizes 8 methods ✅ of SB.

✅ 1️⃣ Trust relationship, with case studies from “Duku” and “Zhihu.” SB is a minimal model of trust relationship, a decentralized mechanism, and in-depth product, channel, and user operation. Wu shared a trend insight that pragmatic consumption is becoming the mainstream of consumption.

✅ 2️⃣ NFT spirit, with the case studies are “Bored Ape” and “Kuaishou”. SB is the super IP of digital consumption, NFT spirit, deepening the brand assets in the digital era. Wu believes that Bored Ape represents the new speed of digital popularity, and NFT spirit of quantifiable, distributable and traceable should become the digital belief of each brand.

✅ 3️⃣ Experience system, with the cases of “ARCFOX” and “Radish Run”. SB is a transgressive experience of digital life, designing experience systems to lead a differentiated life. Products should build their own experience system to become the meaningful carrier of digital life with performance /social / cognitive experience.

✅ 4️⃣ Emotion algorithm, with the case studies of “Whale” and “Fudi”. SB is an emotional algorithm of user journey, modelling the entire scene data and designing the whole life cycle. To activate today’s users, it is necessary to match the emotional “code”.

✅ 5️⃣ Problem list, with the case studies are “3 Wings Bird” and “ZX Technology”. SB is a solution that evolves along with users, sorting out problem lists and developing real scenarios. The problem list is a list of lifestyle pain points and is the smallest unit of scene wisdom. Establishing a list of problems is the premise of scene’s continuous problem solving approach.

✅ 6️⃣ Scene infrastructure, with the cases of “Jiaotzu Park FBD” and “FocusMedia”. SB is a self-driven refreshing mechanism of scene infrastructure, with bottom-level innovation and new business spirit at the same frequency. Scene infrastructure is required to provide sustainable certainty in the face of diverse, discrete, and uncertain new consumption and new interests.

✅ 7️⃣ Scene Identity, with the case studies of “ThinkBook” and “Yunnan Baiyao”. SB is a product logic defined by scene identity, which aggregates the diversity of individuals and fluidly connects digital scenes. A person has multiple real-world IDs that can be switched at any time. SB must deal with this new digital individual.

✅8️⃣ Knowledge map, and the case study is “LAUNCH debut”. SB is the knowledge map of a new lifestyle, as well as the planning of the supply chain and the delivery of new ideas.

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